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Lyssa's Destruction VooDoo Lily Series Book One By #authoremeryleeann (Shirley Williamson) Cover Design by JM Walker of Just Write.Creations

Synopsis~ In the midst of ruins comes destruction, Lyssa Davis’s nightmare began on her 18th birthday, when someone who should have protected her, took her innocence in the most horrific and vile way. Unbeknown to Lyssa her nightmares have only just begun...... When a climactic moment brings her new nightmares to an end, she finds herself in an asylum, but for the first time in her life, she's free! With the aid of her therapist Alexis, she slowly starts to rebuild her life. Gabe's security firm installed the security system at the Asylum Alexis works at. On a routine visit, he spies Lyssa. The connection is instant, all he can see is the angel of beauty before him. Gabe is a dominant man who gets what he wants. This time, he wants Lyssa - her mind, her body and her soul. What draws him to her also threatens to push her away. With his love, can he help her rebuild her shattered mind? Or, will her journey into madness destroy them all?…/sh…/34313113-lyssa-s-destruction Amazon Pre order:

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